Memorial Mosaic Urns

Personalized Urns for People and Pets

Personalized urns with photos in pique assiette mosaics

Customized Mosaic Urns

“These urns are to die for!” I’ve been told. Photos and other memorabilia chosen by you create a lasting, visual eulogy to be displayed in your home.

Your customized urn for ashes embraces memories of a loved one.

Pique assiette mosaic is an ideal medium. The pieces come together to tell the story of a life.

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Custom Made Personalized Urn with Photo Montage

Photo montage embedded in pique assiette mosaic transforms an ordinary cremation urn into a “creation urn” that is all about the person we are honoring with the focus on good times. Process and urn are unique.

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Custom Made Personalized Pet Urn with Photo Montage

Memorial with photos of your beloved dog or cat. Designed to bring back warm memories and be upbeat. This is what I wanted when our family dog died. Finding it didn’t exist inspired me to design it.

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