Unique Cremation Urns

04 Jun Unique Cremation Urns

With the increasing popularity of cremation — due to it being ecologically sound, cheaper than burial and people moving around so unable to visit a cemetery — there’s a growing need for choices of cremation urns.

Everyone is familiar with metal urns and wood boxes, but those aren’t the only options. There are artisan urns that are attractive, some that represent a person’s interests and mine, which are unique in actually reflecting who the person (or even pet) being honored was. Along with photo of the beloved, I include signatures and other meaningful items (perhaps a signature, tweet, business card or something else) so that the urn is animated.

The idea came to me when our dog died and the vet asked, “Would you like the cremains returned to you?”

My husband, young son and I exchanged looks. Remembering the pet we’d loved for eleven years would be a downer if what we were looking at was conspicuously a cremation urn. That inspired me to find a way of designing an urn that would be a photo history of a pet, something attractive enough to be displayed. My intention was to be upbeat and comforting.

Though most of my orders are online, on the rare occasions when I’ve seen the reaction personally, I’m gratified to know that the urn I’ve created has brought a smile to the face of the bereaved, a much needed smile.

I work closely with each client, hoping to help someone in pain. Each process and urn are unique, designed to provide a loving tribute that keeps a beloved person or pet in the home, a visual tribute to the life. That’s why I think of it as transforming an ordinary cremation urn into a creation urn, reminding us of the good times. Cremation does not have to mean being without a focal point where we remember.