Planning, Pre-planning and other things you should, but may not want to, consider

29 Apr Planning, Pre-planning and other things you should, but may not want to, consider

Some who don’t know that I design personalized cremation urns have asked me, “Would you rather be buried or cremated?” When I was younger, I was asked things like, “Where did you get that sweater?” or “Want to go for a drink?” But you reach an age where people are curious about where you’re going, and it’s not happy hour they’re interested in, but whether you’ll be above or below ground.

Figuring out an exit strategy is only slightly more involved than picking out a mattress. It may be that mattress shopping is supposed to prepare you for your final resting place. I don’t remember it always being the process it is now. First, you feel a responsibility to read everything that’s written online, which can only be done by those who are retired and have plenty of time. Then you go around trying them out, lying on your side, turning onto your back, speaking to salespeople and hoping you’ll get it right. A bit of pressure is taken off because many stores give you thirty days to try them, during which time you’re allowed to return them. I divorced two queen-sized, pillow-topped mattresses and wish shoe stores had that same policy.

Though I have friends who’ve been gossiped about, it not actually diagnosed, as having control issues, I’m the only one who’s created her own artistic urn. It’s big enough so my husband and I can continue hanging out, even if the conversation will be less interesting. I embedded photos of our family and used our dinnerware so it will be familiar to our son, who will be keeper of the flame.

I’ve always liked to be prepared, so having an urn for our ashes awaiting us suits me.