Buried, or Cremated? It’s your Funeral

29 Apr Buried, or Cremated? It’s your Funeral

Some who don’t know I design customized cremation urns have asked me, “Would you rather be buried or cremated?” When I was younger, I was asked things like, “Where did you get that sweater?” or “Want to go for a drink?” But you reach an age where people are curious about where you’re going, and it’s not happy hour they’re interested in, but whether you’ll be above or below ground.

Figuring out how to die is only slightly more involved than picking out a mattress, which has become involved. The choice seems every bit as important as choosing the person you share it with. You have to read everything that’s written online, which can only be done by those who are retired and have time. Then you go around trying them out, lying on your side, turning onto your back, speaking to salespeople and hoping you’ll get it right. Some pressure is taken off by stores that give you thirty days to try them, during which time you’re allowed to return them. I divorced two queen-sized, pillow-topped mattresses.

Death is less exciting than replacing a mattress, and there’s no try-out period for pre-planning. You pick burial or cremation without having any sense of which is better. My husband and I had trouble deciding until I persuaded him we should be cremated. It’s cheaper and won’t require our son schlepping to a cemetery to see us. We can be in his home 24/7. The urn I designed, done with our own dishes and covered with fun family photos, will remind him of the good times we had. I am now commissioned on my website, www.personalized-urns.com, by others who want a unique, artistic urn to honor the life of a loved person or pet.

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