Pets as Partners for Singles

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01 Oct Pets as Partners for Singles

pet at bar

It’s understandable that singles may choose pets as partners. A dog or cat is often less stressful than a human though an animal, no matter how devoted, will never prepare a cup of coffee or pick up the cleaning. On the other hand, your pet will never say, “That makes you look fat.”

The phrase, “pets as partners,” might take some of the sting out of having a woman referred to as “a dog.” We want to make our pets happy and are pleased that U.S. veterinarians have recently claimed that medical marijuana is a necessity for dogs in pain. It possible there may soon be an expression for getting high with a pet, particularly since many bars forbid bringing in an animal. I’m not sure what the policy is for those who have a “service animal,” nor do I know how they compare to having a caring, human companion. I guess it depends on the human. When single, I never had a pet as a partner though some might have been sweeter than guys I dated.

The Tibetan Terrier who was our family dog for eleven years wouldn’t have qualified for advanced placement in any obedience class. The breed was known not to be eager to please. I learned what that meant as I saw her react with total indifference to my command, “Sit,” just as she ignored “Heel” and “Stay.” She paid a price for this, running into the street and being hit by a car.

Despite her independent streak, I loved her and felt tremendous grief when we lost her. That led to my designing pet urns, which are custom ordered on my web site, We lose our pets, but having their pictures on an urn (or vase) is a way of keeping them with us and remembering the fun times.