Personalized urns

Personalized Urn – one of a kind photo tribute in pique assiette mosaic


I transform an ordinary cremation urn into “a creation urn,” embedding pictures, protected by clear glass, and other meaningful items in pique assiette, telling the story of a life. Memories are preserved in a lasting mosaic eulogy that is attractive enough to be displayed in the home and likely to be passed along to future generations. Requires no perpetual care. Among items used to personalize a piece have been a client’s own dinnerware, snippets from love letter, business logo, a mother’s handwritten sentiments, and pictures of art that had been created by the deceased. The same process can be applied to a vase. Interior and threaded lid are metal.

Prices vary according to size, starting at $395 (includes shipping to U.S.). Other sizes are available.

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Mosaic Urns & Memorial Art Sample Gallery

Together Forever

Mom & Dad RIP with photos of mom’s art, love notes from dad.

Pre-planned Exit Strategy

Our own plates, family photos to remind our son of the good time when he takes possession of the urn.

Honoring Baby who never Lived

Loving notes from mother to Lucy with meaningful purple butterfly and tiny footprints

Remembering Beloved Husband

Notes from husband, family’s plates, other special text and logos to honor deceased

Loved Ones Speak

My parent’s remains had been in a plain box that I kept hidden
until Sybil did an artistic urn that reflected their lives. Hearing that they’d loved to travel and enjoyed wine,
she found plates with suitable images and had me photograph some of
my mother’s artwork to put on the urn. Maybe the best was she used a bit of a love letter
my father had written to my mother.
For that I will be forever grateful.

Pat Lee, television producer