Parents honor a child who Died

19 Dec Parents honor a child who Died


Because I design customized urns, and hope to help my clients, including parents who’ve endured the agony of losing a child, I looked into ways people have honored the child they’ve lost. The website tells about a mother and father who planted forget-me-not flowers as a way of remembering their child. They used seed packets from Gloria’s Garden that can be personalized and come with a lovely poem that can be read aloud as you sow the seeds of remembrance and love.

Others light a candle on the child’s birthday, a day that can be particularly difficult. A company called laurelbox introduced a candle that looks like a birthday cake and allows the family to commemorate their child’s birthday and recall memories with siblings. One mother reported that she lit the candle when she woke up and, “Within seconds, the smell of sweet vanilla was filling our house. I could almost see my daughter sitting before a cake ready to blow out candles. It was easy to imagine her with her blue eyes and blonde hair with balloons and gifts. And for the first time I was able to feel joy. I was able to remember her without heartache. I was able to celebrate her little life.”

Displaying portraits that include the entire family is another choice. The family tree print by A Beautiful Remembrance is a way to honor every family member. Everything about these prints — from text to colors — can be personalized.

One family selected a special stuffed animal “stand-in,” giving the younger brother a plush elephant to represent the brother he lost while another family finds it eases the pain to release butterflies on a special date as a symbol of hope and life. Another idea is to give a sibling a hand-stamped loss charm to keep with them so they feel the brother or sister they’ve lost is represented wherever they are.

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