Finding the right Cremation Urn

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26 Sep Finding the right Cremation Urn

urn selecton

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Finding the right cremation urn can be harder than selecting a birthday present, which inspired me to come up with an urn you would choose to display in your home. And it’s likely you’re not familiar with the options until you’re actually in need of an urn.

As a designer of uniquely personalized cremation urns, I went online when my web designer asked me to check out the competition. I found there was none. Nobody was creating urns anything like mine, which include a photo montage and visually recreate a life. My process is personal; I collaborate with each client and the urn is done to the specifications of each. I understand that it’s hard to pick an urn. I often hear, “I’m so glad I found you,” by those who’ve searched long enough to find my site,  Other urns can be customized, perhaps with a theme or something representing the interests of the deceased or have a space for a photo, but nobody else recreates a story by showing the special moments with pictures and other memorabilia. The decorative urns I do are an attractive, upbeat addition to a home, a way of keeping a loved one (or pet) with you.

Given how hard it is to pick a cremation urn, I’m passing along some tips:

Get something you like. Customizing an urn will distinguish it from a generic urn for ashes

Know that urns can beautify your home

Consider what you want included on the urn. Name? Nickname? Favorite something? I, of course, favor photos as I found looking at them comforted me when I was in the throes of grief.

You don’t need to have the urn at the time of the memorial service