Finding the right Cremation Urn

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26 Sep Finding the right Cremation Urn

urn selecton

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Finding the right cremation urn can be harder than selecting a birthday present, which inspired me to come up with a way of creating an urn you would choose to display in your home.  And it’s likely you’re not familiar with the options until you’re actually in need of an urn.

As a designer of uniquely personalized cremation urns, I went online to check out what else is available and found that nobody was offering urns anything like mine. I visually recreate a life by including a photo montage, the name and anything else a client desires. We collaborate and the process if personal, hopefully helping with healing. People generally have little experience shopping for urns. I’ve been told, “I’m so glad I found you,” by those who’ve searched long enough to find my site,  Other urns can be customized, perhaps with a theme or something representing the interests of the deceased. It’s possible to get an urn that has a space for a photo. I seem to be unique in recreating the story of someone’s life and offering an opportunity for the client to participate in the creation of an urn. My urns are decorative and attractive, an upbeat addition to a home, a way of keeping a loved one (or pet) with you.

Given that it’s not an everyday experience, I’m passing along a few tips for those in need of an urn:

Consider where it will be. If you’d like to display it, you can get something that’s decorative and pleasant to look at, as opposed to a generic urn for ashes. It’s worth taking the time to check out out the options.  You need not rush as you don’t need to have the urn for the memorial service