Cremation: Shop until You Drop

21 Nov Cremation: Shop until You Drop

As is true with so many things, cremation prices vary. It makes sense to call around and check prices before choosing a funeral home if you’re looking to save yourself hundreds of dollars. It’s also a good idea to do that before picking out an urn. The funeral home may not make you aware that you’re free to buy the container elsewhere. If you want a simple metal urn or plain wood box, there are sites online with a wide variety, and you may get a better deal from them. Alternatively, if you’d like to have something special, an online search will help you find out what’s available. There are all sorts of unusual urns, some done by artisans, and you can get ideas by taking the time to look.


The cremation urns I design are not available from funeral homes. They are custom-ordered on my site (  My own search showed that what I’m doing is unique. My clients don’t simply place an order and wait for it to arrive. They collaborate with me, participating in the process by choosing the colors they’d like and providing what will be used on each urn. I work in the French mosaic style known as “pique assiette,” and assemble each urn to a client’s specifications. They tell me about the person (or pet) they’ve lost so I can create an artistic urn that tells the story of a life and is attractive enough to be displayed in the home. They will have a photo montage that serves as a loving tribute to the deceased, a cherished reminder of what used to be.

If you can, it’s wise to plan ahead. You will be less stressed and can approach the task without the pressure of a deadline (sorry).