05 Dec Designer Dying

I have no memory of coming into the world, but I imagine making your way through the birth canal is even more of a struggle than squirming out of a serious girdle. If post-menopausal sex is thought to be challenging, it seems unrealistic to expect...

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13 Nov R.I.P., Liz Smith

Liz Smith, who died yesterday at the age of 94, may have had more friends among the celebrities she wrote about than other gossip columnists because she was not on the attack and wasn’t out to reveal embarrassing intimacies about public figures. She didn't damage...

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25 Oct Death may not be the End

“There are many things worse than dying," Rabbi Steve Leder of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles said in his recent Yom Kippur sermon. He’s held the hands of hundreds of dying people and reported that not once have any been afraid. Other than when...

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