How did I go from comedy writing to designing custom urns? It wasn’t the logical next step, but both are about storytelling and, hopefully, bring a smile to someone’s face. My clients and I collaborate to create an artistic memorial that recalls happy times so they can keep their loved one’s presence in the home.

The most unusual urn I’ve done awaits my husband and me. I’m an obsessive planner so was attracted to the idea of pre-planning and knowing where we were heading.

After our son, to whom it would go, nodded his approval, I collected photos of fun events — parties, his graduations, our trips, etc. — and inserted them into a mosaic design done with our own dinner plates. I wanted to remember all the wonderful times we’d had.

Ending up in a beautiful urn for our ashes, together with my husband in our son’s home, is better than any other exit strategy I can think of.

Loved Ones Speak

My daughter was bereft when she unexpectedly lost her beloved cat, who was being
transported in an airplane. She was inconsolable but perked up when I suggested we commission
Sybil to design an urn with pictures of Lady
Belle.The wonderful urn that came sooner than we
expected captured the cat’s personality. It has a special place in my daughter’s home.

Sandra Slater, Palo Alto consultant

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” –Dalai Lama