Pet Urns

The customized pet urns I create are unlike anything available elsewhere. I cab say that with certainty because when our dog died, I searched to see if there was an artistic pet urn that would be uplifting. I very much wanted a cremation urn that would reflect the joyous presence Z.C., our Tibetan Terrier, had been in our home. Finding nothing, my husband, son and I decided that a conventional cremation urn would be depressing. Though we wanted to have her ashes with us, the prospect of looking at a metal urn was the reason we chose not to.


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My Story

Walking into our apartment, I teared up. There was nobody at the door greeting me with unbounded excitement. Losing her was terribly painful. Whenever I’d needed a warm presence, Z.C. somehow sensed it and let me know she cared. Now that I so desperately needed comfort, she wasn’t there to give it.


Trying to pull myself together, I went online and trolled threads written by others expressing grief when their animals had died. I couldn’t believe that a mere twenty pounds could make such a difference. I missed having her at my feet while I worked at my computer so decided to turn a picture of her into a screen saver. Poring through photo albums to pick out a shot, I saw how the pictures of her brought a smile to my face. That’s what inspired me to find out how I could incorporate photos into a mosaic design so I could create a unique pet urn that would inspire such badly needed smiles.


Since I didn’t need an urn, I made a vase to celebrate Z.C.’s life. I chose to nip black and white plates, which were the colors of her coat. It had the effect I’d wanted. Each time I look at the memorial vase, I remember her warmth and softness. Excited that I’d found a way of holding onto her, I was pleased that I could do the same for others.


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“Animals never worry about heaven or hell. Neither do I. Maybe that’s why we get along.” – Charles Bukowski.