Hugh Hefner and I moved in different Worlds

Playboy Mansion

28 Sep Hugh Hefner and I moved in different Worlds

Playboy Mansion

The death of Hugh Hefner aroused something in me, but it wasn’t the arousal generally associated with him. A designer of personalized urns on the website,, I’ve been wondering what I would put on an urn for his ashes. I won’t be asked to do one for the man who founded “Playboy” as he paid $75,000 to be buried in a space next to Marilyn Monroe.  I’m not sure that sounds much like “resting in peace,” but he and I lived very different lives and would not likely choose similar ways of dying.

Despite having lived in Los Angles for several decades relatively close to the Playboy Mansion, I was never a guest. I wouldn’t have wanted to be there on Tuesdays to play Uno and dominoes, nor on Wednesdays for card games. I’m not one for theme parties so would have passed up holidays too, especially the Midsummer Night’s Dream fete, where the attire was lingerie or sleepwear.  I’m almost sure my drip dry, cotton nightgown would not have made me a draw. Neither my friends nor I were the kind of women he wanted there, who got $1,000 a week, free hair care and allowances to cover breast and dental implants. The closest I came to Hugh Hefner was going to one of his nightclubs many years ago to see Rodney Dangerfield perform.

If I did have the opportunity of creating a decorative urn for Hef, I’d include photos of some “Playboy” covers, a smoking jacket, the mansion, his bedroom, real bunnies along with Playboy bunnies, Gloria Steinem, his children and wives, the Hollywood sign (which he helped save) and his quote, “Life is too short to be living somebody else’s dream.” I think he may have liked an urn I would design for him.