Pique Assiette Mosaic Memorial Art

Beautiful and personal urn for loved one or pet. A truly unique tribute that captures a lifetime.

“These are urns to die for!” I’ve been told. Photos and other memorabilia embedded in mosaic embrace warm memories in a lasting, visual eulogy. Attractive and upbeat, the concept is to have an art object that will be a welcome addition to the home.

The versatility of pique assiette makes it an ideal medium for celebrating a life. In addition to pictures and names, a signature along with other meaningful items are protected by clear glass and preserved to recall happy moments.

Commission me and we collaborate in creating a piece that is lifelike, dynamic and reflects the person (or pet). You will choose the colors and provide what is to be included.

My hope is to help you cope with your loss by being pro-active and participating in the design.

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Pique Assiette Mosaic Urns


Custom Made Personalized Mosaic Urn with Photo Montage

A photo album embedded in pique assiette transforms an ordinary cremation urn into a “creation urn” that chronicles a life and focuses on happy moments. Unlike generic urns, these (and the memorial vases) are likely to be a legacy passed along to future generations, who will know the person as he or she was, not simply a, “loving family member.”  These came about as a reaction to the familiar generic, maudlin urns.

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Pique Assiette Mosaic Pet Urn


Custom Made Personalized Mosaic Pet Urn

We’re sometimes surprised, even embarrassed, by the intensity of our grief when we lose a pet. I make the memorial as lifelike as possible. Together, we collaborate on creating a piece that reflect your pet with you sending me whatever reminds you of the animal. Responses from clients have been most gratifying: “I feel as if he’s in there looking at me with love, the way he always did.” “This really is an urn to die for!”

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My cat Max was with me for 12 years, for much of that time the most calming and mellowing presence in my life. When he died, I was hoping to find a way to memorialize him that would provide the comfort I was now missing. Seeing the urns that Sybil was creating, brought tears to my eyes, and I knew that was exactly what I wanted. We met through email. Sybil asked for photos of Max and what colors I would like incorporated. She translated my input into a true piece of art. She captured my taste and Max’s serene essence. I will truly cherish it always.