Personalized urns with photos in pique assiette mosaic design

“These are urns to die for!” I’ve been told. Photos and other memorabilia embedded in mosaic embrace warm memories in a lasting, visual eulogy. A custom ordered urn allows you to have an attractive art object that will be a welcome addition to the home.

I personalize an urn to your specifications. You participate in the process, choosing the color and supplying photos and whatever else you would like included in the mosaic design. This will feel personal and special, unlike an ordinary, mass-produced urn.

A personalized urn is what I would have wanted when our family dog died, which gave me the idea of doing this. Pique assiette mosaic is an ideal medium.

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Pique Assiette Mosaic Urns


Custom Made Personalized Urn with Photo Montage

A photo album embedded in pique assiette mosaic transforms an ordinary cremation urn into a “creation urn” that chronicles a life and focuses on happy moments. Unlike generic urns, these (and the memorial vases) are likely to be a legacy passed along to future generations, who will know the person as he or she was, not simply a, “loving family member.”  The process and the urn will be personal and unusual. .

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Pique Assiette Mosaic Pet Urn


Custom Made Personalized Pet Urn with Photo Montage

We’re sometimes surprised, even embarrassed, by the intensity of our grief when we lose a pet. I make the memorial as lifelike as possible. Together, we create a piece of art that reflects your pet, designed to bring a smile to your face. Responses from clients have been most gratifying: “I feel as if he’s in there looking at me with love, the way he always did.” “This really is an urn to die for!”

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No mother should ever have to sit and look through ​pictures of urns to find the “perfect urn” for her child. But this was the only thing I would ever really get to do for ​Lucy Lynn, the beautiful baby girl I had given birth to the day before. I ​stared at the computer screen ​for hours searching for the right urn. My eyes hurt, not only from the glaring screen, but ​because of the millions of tears I had cried since the previous day​, when I’d given birth ​and had to say goodbye to my baby. She had been diagnosed with Turner Syndrome during my pregnancy, a chromosomal abnormality​. As much as I longed for my sweet Lucy to be one of the survivors, we weren’t that lucky. She died on March 29, 2012, and was born silent on April 2, 2012.

Finally, hours into my search, I found Sybil, who ​helped me create the “perfect urn” for my baby girl. Shortly before Mother’s Day ​of 2012, my baby girl’s final resting place arrived. And perfect it was. ​Her tiny footprints ​were ​delicately placed on the side under a piece of glass with beautiful purple glass butterflies and handwritten notes by both my husband and me. I knew Sybil put her heart and soul into making it perfect for me. Perfect for Lucy. And for that I will be forever grateful.